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Susan Sontag + Annie Leibovitz

Leibovitz acknowledged that she and the late Sontag were romantically involved. When asked why she used terms like “companion” to describe Sontag, instead of more specific ones like “partner” or “lover”, Leibovitz finally said that “lover” was fine with her. She later repeated the assertion in stating to the San Francisco Chronicle: “Call us ‘lovers’. I like ‘lovers.’ You know, ‘lovers’ sounds romantic. I mean, I want to be perfectly clear. I love Susan.”

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Annie Leibovitz – photographer – 2/10/1949

Susan Sontag – novelist – 16/1/1933 – 28/12/2004

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Sontag was quoted by Editor-in-Chief Brendan Lemon of Out magazine as saying “I grew up in a time when the modus operandi was the ‘open secret’. I’m used to that, and quite OK with it. Intellectually, I know why I haven’t spoken more about my sexuality, but I do wonder if I haven’t repressed something there to my detriment. … Maybe I could have given comfort to some people if I had dealt with the subject of my private sexuality more, but it’s never been my prime mission to give comfort, unless somebody’s in drastic need. I’d rather give pleasure, or shake things up.”

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