freedom island

2 girls in love…

all hearts dream of awakening…

Tom Tom: The heart is a sleeping beauty and love the only kiss it can’t resist. Even if its eyes lay open wide, there is a heart that sleeps inside. And it’s to there you must be hastening. For all hearts dream, they dream only of awakening.

million dollar hotel



  salepi wrote @

Hands up! gia thn tainia 🙂 Poly poly wraio synais8hma, genikws. Gia kapoio logo thn arxh thn eixa dei sto repeat gia 3-4 fores. Kollhma

  lenaki wrote @

Είναι κόλλημα τρελό…. όχι απλά… μάλιστα το soundtrack κάποτε το άκουγα κάθε μέρα για αρκετό καιρό… και κλάαααααμα…. 🙂

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