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Ilene Chaiken. Interview.

Life goes on for The L Word. In this interview (<< ), Ilene Chaiken dishes about casting decisions, spoiler control, Paris Hilton, The L Word movie, and leaving the fans wanting more.

Moving forward to season six – because that’s obviously what you’re working on at the moment – a lot of us who have seen all the seasons either from DVDs or through downloads from the States and there’s a lot of talk about the return of some of the characters we’d lost in earlier seasons, like Papi and Carmen. Can you confirm or deny any of that?
No! I can confirm that there is a fertile possibility for any of those things to happen, but I can’t confirm which of them will happen and, although I’m not sure that we’re going to succeed in this, in season six we’re trying more than we have in seasons past to just keep a lid on the stories we’re telling until we unveil them on Showtime. That doesn’t mean that we’re not being more interactive with our audience than we ever were – we really listen a lot and take in a lot from what the fans and what our online users tell us they need and want to see, but when it comes to actually making these shows and putting them out there, we want to maintain an element of surprise and suspense.

Can you tell me about Paris Hilton, then?
She came to our party.

So there’s no truth to the rumour that she’s going to be having a little cameo role?
No, there’s not.

There’s also been talk of an L Word movie going forward after season six – is that something you’ve been approached to do?
Nothing’s guaranteed, but I certainly would love to do an L Word movie and so would my colleagues in the cast.

It would be so popular over here. To see something like Sex and the City go from TV to film so successfully, I certainly think that The L Word would have a similar journey.
We think so, too.

Do you think if you’d had freedom to produce more series that you’d want to write more of the characters’ stories?
I don’t think that these stories are over by any means – we’re not tired of them, we’re not tired of the characters, we haven’t run out of stories, but I do think that it was a good decision to make for now.

Over the episodes of the next series, are we going to see pretty much most characters wrapped up in some way?
Not wrapped up, no. I think that there will be a satisfying conclusion – it’ll feel like we’ve gotten somewhere, like we’ve landed somewhere – but by no means are we wrapping up. Life doesn’t wrap up, so we’ll leave these lives with the sense that life goes on.



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