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– Πού θα τριγυρνάς αύριο?

– Στο PRIDE…

28/6/2008. Berlin’s gay and lesbian community celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Berlin’s Gay Pride Parade (CSD)! Themed “Hass du was dagegen?” a colourful parade moves through the city to claim the rights of the community and to have a party. For the first time the parade starts at the Humboldt-University, leading along the Potsdamer Straße to the spectacular closing rally at the Siegessäule, where hundreds of thousands will party far into the night. κλικ

🙂 lena

photos: κλικ



  christiana wrote @

και αυτην τη φορα θα παρουμε και σημαια, ναι?!?!?!?

  gay super hero wrote @

Αχ θέλω κι εγώ! Μάλλον πήγα ένα μήνα νωρίτερα από ό,τι έπρεπε!

Και σόρυ για το μπέρδεμα με τις δύο Buhne 😉

  photo berlin pride 08 « freedom island wrote @

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