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[το νεο μου wallpaper στο pc του τεχνικογραφείου]

Once upon a time in China, some believe, around the year one double-aught three, head priest of the White Lotus Clan, Pai Mei, was walking down the road, contemplating whatever it is that a man of Pai Mei’s infinite power contemplates – which is another way of saying “who knows?” – when a Shaolin monk appeared, traveling in the opposite direction. As the monk and the priest crossed paths, Pai Mei, in a practically unfathomable display of generosity, gave the monk the slightest of nods. The nod was not returned. Now was it the intention of the Shaolin monk to insult Pai Mei? Or did he just fail to see the generous social gesture? The motives of the monk remain unknown. What is known, are the consequences. The next morning Pai Mei appeared at the Shaolin Temple and demanded of the Temple’s head abbot that he offer Pai Mei his neck to repay the insult. The Abbot at first tried to console Pai Mei, only to find Pai Mei was inconsolable. So began the massacre of the Shaolin Temple and all sixty of the monks inside at the fists of the White Lotus. And so began the legend of Pai Mei’s five-point-palm-exploding-heart technique.

And what, pray tell, is the five-point-palm-exploding-heart technique?

Quite simply, the deadliest blow in all of martial arts. He hits you with his fingertips at five different pressure points on your body. And then he lets you walk away. But after you’ve taken five steps, your heart explodes inside your body, and you fall to the floor, dead.




  christiana wrote @


  lenaki wrote @

  christiana wrote @

μην ανησυχεις για τα categories
θα τα ξαναβαφτισουμε!!!

  mahler76 wrote @

Nα πώ την αλήθεια βαριέμαι τέτοια ώρα να διαβάσω το πόστ, αλλά είπα να πώ ένα γεία. Χάρηκα πολύ που σας γνώρισα guys!!!

  lenaki wrote @

ποτε πρόλαβες και πήγες σπίτι?
nice to meet you too… :-)))

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