freedom island

2 girls in love…


bbc world ad campaign. την ποσταρω με αφορμη τη συζητηση που ειχαμε χτες στη σχολη με τον teacher σχετικα με τα “concept”. κονσεπτ? χμ. “The term “concept is traced back to 1554–60, but what is today termed “the classical theory of concepts” is the theory of Aristotle on the definition of terms. As the term is used in mainstream cognitive science and philosophy of mind, a concept or conception is an abstract idea or a mental symbol, typically associated with a corresponding representation in a language or symbology. Concept has also been defined as a unit of knowledge built from characteristics.” [wikipedia]



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  Όναρ wrote @

Αυτή η campaign λοιπόν αισθάνομαι ότι θα μπορούσε να αποβεί ακόμα και notorious για το κανάλι..Καλησπέρες κι απ΄τις δυο πλευρές..

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