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The Shifting Point


I have never believed in a single truth.
Neither my own, nor those of others.
I believe all schools, all theories can be useful in
some place, at some time. But i have discovered that
one can only live by a passionate, and absolute
identification with a point of view.

however, as time goes by, as we change, as
the world changes, targets alter and viewpoint
shifts. Looking back over many years essays
written, ideas spoken in many places on so many
varied occasions, one thing strikes me as being
consistent. For a point ov view to be of any use at all,
one must commit oneself totally to it, one must
defend it to the very death. Yet, at the same time,
there is an inner voice that murmurs:
“Don’t take it too seriously.
Hold on tightly, let go lightly”

Peter Brook
The Shifting Point




  gay super hero wrote @

Very nice 🙂

  christiana wrote @

my gay super hero, ευχαριστουμε τον Peter Brook για το καλο που μας κανει 🙂
υ.γ. η μουσικουλα ειναι απο το
OST του True Romance

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