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2 girls in love…

Agyness Deyn

In London, she recalls, her agency was always telling her to look more feminine, to wear heels and dresses, but when she asked Louie what to wear for her first casting, he said: ‘I don’t care what you wear – wear what you’re wearing now.’ ‘And I was wearing Doc Martens and a ripped-up T-shirt and I thought: “Brilliant! I can just be myself!”




  Disillusa wrote @

Περί ορέξεως…κολοκυθόπιτα! 😉

  Disillusa wrote @

Δεν ξέρω γιατί αλλά έχει κάτι στο πρόσωπό της που με εκνευρίζει… Ίσως το πολύ επιτηδευμένο βλέμμα… Της βγαίνει ολίγον ψεύτικο το όλο ύφος θαρρώ…

  lenaki wrote @

χαχαχαχα… μαρεσει που μονη σου απαντας οπως ακριβως θα σου απαντουσα και γω “περι ορεξεως”.
αιγοκερισια συνηθεια… 😛

αχ οι ζεστες του Ιούλη!

  deeona wrote @

στην προτελευταια, ειναι πολυ Shane. Βρηκαμε μια απο τις εμπνευσεις τις Moennig για τον ρολο;

  koperti wrote @

“Kate Moss is known for her fantastic personal style as well as her supermodel status, so it came as a surprise that British magazine Grazia dropped her entirely from their ‘best-dressed’ 2008 list. Taking the best dressed honor is Agyness Deyn, who is known more for her quirky sense of style, followed by actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Sarah Jessica Parker, former model Carla Bruni and model Daisy Lowe (pictured below). ”

έτσι,να κουϊρκεύει σιγά σιγά η μαζική αισθητική

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