freedom island

2 girls in love…


Sea Spray, Balboa, California - 1600x1200 - ID 2

“You’d heard the rumors, of course. A secret apartment in the Bay Area where the lube never runs out, the sheets are always clean (no matter how much you soaked them the night before), and you’re guaranteed to have the hottest sex of your life. If you’ve got a key, of course. And that’s the thing: Everyone’s heard of it, and everyone says they know someone who knows someone who has a key, but you’ve never met anyone that’s actually been there. You used to think it was a just a myth.

But once, you had your eye on this cute pair in the restaurant you where you work. They were talking excitedly, and one kept shushing the other. Then you saw it–a quick flash of light off a little gold key, trust from one hand to another before they asked for the check. You came hard that night as you imagined the two of them together, fucking in a strange apartment. You fantasized about spying on them, or walking in by accident and being asked to join. After that, you paid more attention to the rumors, following any lead you could. But you never found a key. Maybe it wasn’t what you thought it was….

Then tonight, this smoking hot boi came into the restaurant alone. You flirted. They passed by you as they left, locking eyes and giving you a smile that buckled your knees. You raced to their table, hoping they left their number on a napkin. Instead you found an address… and a little gold key….”




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