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Lesbian web series

“If you go searching, you can find lesbian characters on network and cable television, but they’re few and far between. ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, produced by fan-favorite Shonda Rhimes, highlights a relationship between Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins, two female doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital. Glee on Fox features a pack of LGBT teenagers, including Santana Lopez, a fiery lesbian, and Brittany Pierce, a spunky bisexual cheerleader. True Blood’s Pam de Beaufort andChicago Fire’s Leslie Shay are lesbians too.

But mainstream television still paints a narrow picture of lesbians–who we are and how we love. We are underrepresented. Networks are reluctant to cater to LGBT viewers. Perhaps it’s for fear of alienating their heterosexual viewers, or maybe it’s because they feel that there aren’t enough queer women watching television.

It’s all happening on the web. A diverse assortment of independent writers and producers has decided that the lesbian community deserves better, so they’ve taken matters into their own hands. Familiar with the attitudes of the major networks, they’ve turned to the Internet. Just type “lesbian web series” into YouTube’s search bar and you’ll find a plethora of options.

By far the most popular series in this category, with over six million views worldwide and counting, is Easy Abby. Set in Chicago, Easy Abby tells the story of its title character through a comedic, audience-friendly lens. Abby is a bicycle mechanic in her 30s who gets her kicks seducing as many women as possible between anxiety attacks. A sundry and well-rounded cast of characters supports, and sometimes disapproves of Abby through her trials.”


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